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Generator Disc
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Orgonite Discs

for home & office


Personal Sized



Healing Orgonite Pendulums


 Key Benefits of Orgonites are ....

  • Transforms electromagnetic smog to positive Chi.

  • Protection from Mobiles, TV, WiFi Broadband, Computers etc.

  • Protects from geopathic stress such as ley lines and water veins.

  • Clears and harmonises the energy of your space, room or office.

  • Removes stagnant energy from the body.

  • Amplifies personal intentions, mind power and manifestation.

  • Enhances psychic abilities.

  • Helps to raise consciousness and vibration.

  • Balances chakras, the aura and harmonises mood.

  • Shields against negative energies and entities.

  • Restructures and energises water and food.

  • Helps the growth of plants.

  • Charges and cleanses crystals.

  • Strengthens the organism and adds vitality

  • Improves sleep, accelerates regeneration and healing.

  • Helps to remove physical and psychological stress.

  • Anchors higher dimensional frequencies into 3D reality!


Orgonites Art 

We create hand-laid orgonite artwork with crystal grids, sacred geometry and orgone technology. Our pieces are as powerful as they are beautiful!


Using the technology of Willhem Reich and Georges Lakhovsky we create orgonites that accumulate the surrounding energy and transform it into pure positive orgone (chi) creating a vortex in the surrounding environment.


Orgone brings peace, balance and harmonised frequencies to you and your environment.


In our line of work, we specialise in creating devices that not only support spiritual development but help to shift your energy, promote health and well-being.


We use a variety of metals and materials to create our artwork. Our pieces contain precious crystals such as Herkimer diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, Moldavite and Rubies. We carefully create crystal grids in each piece to bring specific properties to every orgonite. Read More

Amulet Pendants

& Keyrings


Andrew at Orgonites Art Interviewed by The Power Within Us

31 July 2015

I'm proud to announce that Orgonites Art creator Andrew Paradnik is featured in an exclusive interview on spiritual website The Power Within Us.


You can go over and watch the video interview which is in 2 parts here 


Thank you to the gorgeous Sabrina and the team for featuring us!

Us at London's Mind Body Spirit Festival!

01 April 2015

Great news! We'll be at this years Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival at Olympia 1-4 May which is a huge step for us. We're busy making orgonites with lots of new designs coming. The whole range will be exhibited with everything from keyrings, pendulums, pendants and discs in all sizes. Do come along and hang out at stand D68. For tickets go to:

20 March 2015

We were so happy to receive this review from Włodek Sieradzkifor, a Master Dowser of 40 years.


"The Pendulum emanates clear cosmic energy as well as angelic and spirit guide energies.
The radiesthetic colours emitted are: white (high vibration) and gold. The energy output is spherical with a diameter of 89 m. The power output is 42-44 thousand READ MORE

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