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About Andrew

From a young age I've been interested in mysticism, spirituality and ancient history. This lead me to the path of studying several spiritual disciplines.

I became a Reiki Master at 20 years old. While studying Physics and Bio-medical technologies at university, I attended my first Chi Gung class. This sparked my intention to focus my life on energy work instead of continuing a career as a scientist.


Over the years, my dedication to learning and teaching healing, has taken me to many corners of the world, from Tao masters to shamans in Columbia, Peru, Brazil and Australia. I am trained as a Taoist Master and Chi Gung/ Qi Gong teacher. 
I trained in the traditional Taoist system and reached the highest obtainable title in the UK with over 10,000 teaching hours. 


I've have been working with people either individually or in groups, and studying the effects of energy on the body, mind and spirit levels for over 18 years.

During that time I've studied Kinesiology at a diploma level, Hypnotherapy, Dowsing, shamanic practices, Sacred Geometry, Reiki and multiple other healing disciplines.

As I have a background in science, I've been always curious how the tools worked, 
which the ancient high priests and shamans used. I became interested in alternative ways of generating energy, anti-gravity, kinematics, sacred geometry and came across the works of Tesla, Michael Tellinger, Graham Hancock, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Masaru Emoto and of Dr. Wilhelm Reich who was the creator of Orgone accumulators and I felt strong resonance to this work. While spending time in the Amazon Jungle and learning about the shamanic medicines I received a download on how to improve the current level of Orgonites. Since then I started combining my knowledge of Sacred Geometry with the use of precious metals and crystals to create NeoShamanic Orgonites and Jewellery.



My girlfriend and parents are part of the team too. My parents, being artists, help to come up with new designs and are expertly skilled in precision orgonite building! My girlfriend Joanna manages the orders, website and Etsy shop. 


I hope that what we do will benefit you and humanity. Namaste

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