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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find some questions we get asked the most. Feel free to go to our contact form if you don't find the answer your looking for....

Q: Where should I place the orgonite to protect and energise my home?
In theory you can place it anywhere in your home, office, warehouse, garage, car etc. However, we find they are at their most powerful when placed with an device that's emitting electrosmog or producing negative chi. Placing a disk under the broadband router, next to your laptop or computer, on top of a Smartmeter to name just a few of examples, works especially well.


Placing the orgonite anywhere in the room or house will transform any negative chi and can give more balanced and harmonised feeling to your surroundings. Not only does the orgonite give off positive orgone, it turns positive ions into negative ions (a good thing!). Intuitively place your orgonite in your home. Our designs are made to be on display and make a great coffee table piece! Be careful not to place orgonites that contain crystals such as amethyst into the window as the sun will quickly fade the colours. Check online or with us if the crystals you choose are prone to fading in sunlight.


Q: Why don't you make pyramids?

This is due to the fact that pyramid shaped orgonites channel the energy upwards. Pyramids or cones function like funnels for the energy where as our orgonites focus on creating a harmonized field of energy in your entire surroundings, not concentrated only in one spot e.g. upwards. I prefer to create pieces that distribute the energy spherical or sideways like my orgone generator discs. We do however, create special spiritual tools that use different type of shapes like pendulums and wands.


Q: Do I need to buy through Etsy?

If you see something you love on Etsy but dont want to register with them then you can contact us direcly and we will send you an Paypal invoice. However, we do recommend you buy through our Etsy shop so we are both protected by their policies plus it's very easy to use!


Q: How do you make the sacred geometry patterns?

It is all hand laid which can take up to several weeks of work when making a large disc. We never use stickers or prints unless someone requests so!


Q: I can see a piece in your gallery that I love but it's not in the shop to purchase?

Many of our pieces are custom made to order. Let us know which piece you're interested in so we can discuss your requirements, We usually need a couple of weeks lead time for a small generator and longer for large or mulitiple pieces. 


Q: Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we do have a very limited amount of wholesalers that we carefully choose. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss further.




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