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Expert review of our healing pendulums

We were so happy to receive this review from Włodek Sieradzkifor, a Master Dowser of 40 years. This will give you more insight into how the pendulums work and their effects. Do get in touch if you have any questions!

The Pendulum emanates clear cosmic energy as well as angelic and spirit guide energies.

The radiesthetic colours emitted are: white (high vibration) and gold.

The energy output is spherical with a diameter of 89 m.

The power output is 42 - 44 thousand Bovis (depending on model).

The pendulum can be used as a therapeutic Pendulum, to recharge a body weakened by a disease.

It restores original vibrations and removes blockages from organs.

These pendulums do not work with round wave shapes (such as egyptian pendulums) but instead they focus cosmic rays. (white light is the sum of all colors-vibrations)

It works well with mental commands "Re-energise this sick body, turn as long as you need to." After saturation and clearing the energy channels (chakras) the pendulum stops by itself. Works particularly well with energising the solar plexus chakra.

Practical application: I used the pendulum to re-energise my colleague who's strongly weakened after a serious illness - seven months in the hospital, including four months in a coma, two operations on the pancreas, blood transfusion 2 times. After applying the "distance healing" on his energy hologram the pendulum was spinning for 8 minutes. My colleague felt the energy flow, heat in his body, bliss and fell asleep after having lots of trouble falling asleep.

Master Dowser Włodek Sieradzki



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