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Hi Andrew and Joanna  
I received my parcel yesterday. :) Not only are they beautiful, but the energy they put out is incredible. I have a couple of other pieces of orgonite, which are great, but yours are at a whole different level. I connected with the pendant, I could not take my eyes of it. I gifted one of the key rings, the other is for me. 
Last night was one of the best nights sleep I have had in years, fell asleep wearing the pendant and holding the keyring haha
My energy was much more balanced today. I felt amazing! I'm an intuitive empath and struggle a lot with my energy levels. Thank you so much as well for the lovely gift and info. Deepest gratitude to you both, be in touch again soon. Blessings...

Sam, USA xox 


Hi Andrew,
Hopefully you remember me, I bought your newest generation of pendulums. and just ordered one for my hubbie. 
Andrew, these pendulums ARE AMAZING! My husband and I are both healers and have found them very powerful. I've been using them with clients with great success. 
We do a lot of trainings including a 6 months Spiritual Intuitive & Healer Training Program and very seriously making these part of our advanced training if not this year, next. 
Thank you for all your considerations. Bright Blessings,
Haleya, USA

Note from OrgonitesArt: We now supply Haleya's school with our healing pendulums!


I must feed back that I was REALLY grounded wearing my orgonite/having set the intention to feel grounded pre-group coaching workshop this week. Thanks!

Jacqueline, UK

Self Empowerment and Peak Performance Coach


I just got the orgonite. The piece is MAGNIFICENT! I have a few dozen pieces of orgonite, and this is my new favorite. Thanks for the bonus pendant as well! Brandon, USA


Hi Joanna & Andrew,
I just want to thank you again for this really special orgonite disc. I clearly kept dreaming about it for a reason!! I absolutely fall in love with every time I look at it. So much attention to detail & can really feel your loving intention.  
It hasn't got one place yet as it moves around with me :)
Im not so good at downloading pics, but I will at some point soon.
I also love the keyring & pendant <3 So Beautiful!!
Love Light & Gratitude XXX 
Michelle XXX


I want to thank you for the beautiful work you gifted us with. I finally have great peace of mind that I can protect my girl from EMFs. I attached it to her amber necklace. So many people have complemented us on our pieces and I have been sharing your info. Looking forward to giving them as Christmas gifts to my family. And thank you for your generosity with all the extra device attachments. 
Many thanks,


Hi Andrew,I wanted to personally thank you for your great orgone amulet and how much it is helping me.It is my first orgone with a herkimer diamond in it and from you.I have other orgone pendants,but yours really packs a punch of such spectacular strong energy & protection that I really needed due to being an empath.The green agate necklace is also very great too.Happy Holidays to You & Yours. Thanks also for the beautiful orgone star gift.Thanks for sharing your gifts with the world. Love,Light,& Harmony,durga88 Maureen


SUPERBLY crafted high quality pieces!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH I adore these pieces ;) I gifted one to a dear friend of mine. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR SHOP! These pieces travel with me everywhere! <3 



Keyrings review

These are so beautiful, I could spend ages just admiring the contents. Nicer in reality than in the photo and very tactile.


Amulet review

really beautiful, amazing energy from this piece, beautifully made. I love it. It arrived really quickly with an added surprise in the package. Thank you!


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